September 5, 2023 (Jack87 News) – The 2023 FIBA World Cup is full of twists and turns. Every battle turned out unexpectedly, with the strongest team being eliminated in the group stage and a pool of NBA players being beaten by an underdog without their star player. Those were just proofs that nothing is certain in this competition. Now that the list of teams competing in the quarterfinals were named, we definitely would like to watch every game so as not to miss anything.

After many rounds of fighting, the next event will be a high-level showdown between strong teams, and many of the world’s top teams have all been shortlisted for the top eight. 1xbet The USA team, despite being beaten by Latvia is still the favorite to win the championship, but is of course facing unprecedented pressure. Fans are all familiar with USA and Canada, especially now that they are the only teams not coming from Europe to compete to the next level. Although the US men’s basketball team did not send the strongest lineup, the 12 NBA players are still very competitive. The Canadian men’s basketball team also has NBA players to serve their country.

The European countries advancing to the next stage are Germany, Italy, Latvia, Serbia, Lithuania and Slovenia. Although Slovenia has just lost against Germany, they are undoubtedly the most popular team with Luka Doncic. Their near-invincible style of play in the FIBA ​​arena makes Doncic a candidate for the best player in this tournament. The German team, on the other hand has Schroeder in the lineup. Schroeder, led his team to beat Doncic and his team to land on top of their group. His lightning speed and excellent organizational skills make him stand out in the disciplined German men’s basketball team.

Although Serbia failed to recruit Jokic boda8, the team’s integrity and resilience are impressive, and also have every chance to fight for the championship. Latvia, Lithuania and Italy might not have the strongest line-up just like the other contenders, but these teams all rely on team play and basketball is just like that. The game is also a contest where everything is possible and what happened in the group stage is a proof that the championship can come from any of these teams given the right timing. Everyone is hoping that the final eight teams will bring their highest level in every single game to finally make a difference.

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