November 7, 2022 (Jack87 News) – The 15th round of the 2022-2023 English Premier League was played in Park Stadium between Aston Villa and Manchester United BK8. The two teams have met 54 times where Manchester United has 37 wins, 13 draws and 4 losses. In this game, Manchester United’s B fee was suspended and Sancho was absent due to illness. Head coach Ten Hag unexpectedly replaced it with Van de Beek and Ganacho while Ronaldo continued to serve as the center.

In the early minute of the match, Ramsey made a straight pass and the unguarded Bailey inserted a low shot with his left foot from 12 yards on the left rib. The ball flew into the lower right corner, Manchester United 0-1 Villa. In the 10th minute, Luke Shaw shoveled Ramsay at the front of the penalty area and received a yellow card. Digne took a free kick to the right from the front of the penalty area, curving the ball with his left foot where the ball went into the net against the right post. Villa successfully create an early advantage 2-0 against the home team.

In the 34th minute, Eriksen passed the ball, and the unguarded Ganacho shot in a small angle from 10 yards on the left rib of the penalty area but was rejected. In the 42nd minute, Bailey pulled Luke Shaw from behind and received a yellow card. In the 45th minute, Boda8 Luke Shaw volleyed his left foot from 22 yards to the left after getting the clearance ball from the outside. The ball hit Ramsey and refracted into the net, Manchester United with their first goal of the night before the end of first half.

At the beginning of the second half in the 46th minute, Bailey took the ball forward to avoid Lindelof’s tackle and then took a long shot but De Gea saved the ball. In the 49th minute, Villa counterattacked where Watkins dribbled the ball into the penalty area and made a pass from the left rib. The unguarded Ramsey shot from 14 yards and the ball flew into the upper right corner. Villa once again managed to create an advantage.

In the 60th minute, when Cristiano Ronaldo and Mings grabbed points in the penalty area, both of them had hand movements and some movements were a little big. After Mings fell to the ground, the players of both teams surrounded them and the referee came over to separate the players. The referee looked at the VAR and thought that neither team was fouled so the game continue. In the 64th minute, Lisandro Martinez ‘s hidden elbows hit Pele’s chest and abdomen, and Pele fell directly off the field to receive treatment from the team doctor.

In the 67th minute, Lisandro Martinez made a long pass, Elanga inserted the counter offside and succeeded. Elanga saw the goalkeeper attacked and headed the goal directly from 12 yards but was saved. In the 72nd minute, Mings kicked Ronaldo from behind and received a yellow card. Ronaldo took a free kick from 30 yards and was blocked by the wall. In the 88th minute, Villa goalkeeper Martinez received a yellow card for delaying the time. In the final 20 minutes, United looked to be besieging Villa, but did not pose any threat. In the end, Bet99 Aston Villa defeated Manchester United 3-1.

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