Football executives and political leaders of four South America countries said on Tuesday that Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay have jointly bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

The chairman of the South American Federal Federation Alejandro Dominguez said at a press conference: “((since the first World Cup) only one hundred years of achievement. It must return to my hometown¬†asianbookie¬† “We believe this is enough to make FIFA accept this only bid.”

Argentina, Uruguay and Chile have all held the World Cup. Uruguay hosted it and won the championship in 1930, the first championship. Argentina held the bk8 World Cup in 1978 and won the first time before winning the championship in Mexico in 1986. Chile was the host of 1962 and lost to the finals in the finals in the semi -finals.

(FIFA World Cup championship trophy)

South America Quartet will face Spain and Portugal from Europe. In 1982, Spain hosted the World Cup, and Italy won the championship.

FIFA will decide the host of 2023 in 2024 malaysia bk8 (the first six years before the event).

The last global top football event took place in South America in 2014. At that time, Brazil defeated Germany 7-1 at home and had to watch their long-term opponents Germany and Argentina compete for champion titles. The final was held at the Malacan stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

The World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar from November 21st to December 18th. asianbookie bk8 This is the first time in winter. In another four years, the United States, Canada and Mexico will jointly host this event in 2026, with a total of 48 teams participating.

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