December 18, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Last night, the placing of the third and fourth in the 2022 Qatar World Cup was played between Croatia and Morocco. During the first half, BK8 Gvardiol made a diving goal in the 6th minute to give Croatia a fantastic start while Dari scored a header in the 9th minute to quickly equalize the score for Morocco. Then Oršic scored in the 42nd minute to give Croatia the lead back that concluded the game.

In the 6th minute, Amrabat brought down Kramaric for Croatia to get a set kick in the middle of the front court, then Mayer took the penalty and passed the ball to the middle of the penalty area, Perisic then flew the header, and Gvardiol fished in the middle of the goal, jumping to the top and breaking through the defended, Bet99 Croatia made a fantastic start, 1-0!

Not long after that, Erhanus pushed forward with the ball and was tripped by Gvardiol. Morocco got the ball on the right side of the front court. Ziyech took the penalty and drove the ball into the middle of the penalty area. Mayer made a header error where Dari seized the opportunity to score a header, and Morocco quickly equalized the score, 1-1!

In the 33rd minute, Erhanus went straight to the left side of the penalty area where Bouffal got the ball and shot high with his left foot. In the 37th minute, Ziyech took a corner kick on the right, and Ennesri nodded forward but missed it. In the 40th minute, Ashraf made a short pass from the right, and Ziyech stopped the ball on the right side of the periphery, turned around and adjusted continuously, but then missed a long shot with his left foot. In the 42nd minute, Livaja made a diagonal pass to the left side of the penalty area. Oršic followed up with a right foot shot and scored. Croatia took the lead again, 2-1 before the end of first half.

The second half was played without much actions where both teams’ score remained idle. In the 87th minute, Orsic sent a wonderful pass, Boda8 Kovacic pushed forward with his left foot on the left side of the penalty area, and the ball slid out of the goal. At the end of the game, Croatia defeated Morocco 2-1 to win the third place in the World Cup.

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