Jack87 news today, FIFA officially moved the opening match of this year’s World Cup a day earlier to Nov. 20, a rare change that has brought host Qatar to the lavish competition.

FIFA said in a statement that football’s top officials generally approved the decision, while Qatar said it would provide unspecified assistance to fans affected by the change.

According to asianbookie the old schedule, Qatar’s official inaugural match against Ecuador will take place on November 21, but Senegal’s match against the Netherlands will be the first game of the day. England against Iran could have been in second place.

Qatar is also frustrated by investing in a big opening show.

“Host country Qatar will now play Ecuador on Sunday 20 November as part of an independent event,” FIFA said.

“This year’s games and opening ceremonies at the Albert Stadium have been brought forward by a day following the unanimous decision of the FIFA Council Bureau today.”

The bureau is made up of FIFA leader Gianni Infantino and six heads of confederations.

FIFA added bk8 : “This change ensures the continuity of the long tradition that marked the beginning of the World Cup, with the opening ceremony being held in the first match by the host or the defending champion.”

Under the new schedule, the Group A match between Senegal and the Netherlands has been moved from 1:00pm (1000GMT) to 7:00pm on November 21. England’s Group B opener against Iran is unchanged.

Qatari organizers, who spent billions to prepare the event, immediately welcomed FIFA’s move.

“Hosting the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East and the Arab world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Qatar,” the organizing committee said in a statement.

“FIFA has assessed the impact of this decision on fans. We will work together to bk8 malaysia ensure smooth games for supporters affected by the changes,” they added, without providing details.

Some Ecuadorian fans may have to change flights to arrive in Qatar earlier, and football sources say the date switch could force some World Cup contract changes.

But many World Cup-related companies expressed confidence in overcoming the disruption.

“That’s something we’ll be dealing with,” said Jaime Byrom, chairman of Match Hospitality, which has struck a deal with FIFA to organise hospitality packages for World Cup matches and has secured 450,000 tournament tickets.

“Compared to other challenges we may have faced or have faced in the past, it’s really not a particularly big problem,” Byrom told AFP.

“We have to focus on those customers who are most affected and I think in this case we will focus on Ecuadorian customers travelling from overseas and make sure they are on time for the race.”

The official countdown clock for the event changed quickly. The 100-day countdown to the first game will now start on Friday instead of Saturday.

The malaysia bk8 decision was also announced during Qatar’s first official match at the Lusail Stadium, which will host the World Cup final on December 18.

In front of more than 10,000 fans and with players surrounded by air conditioners to ward off the stifling summer heat, Al Arabi defeated Al Rayyan 2-1 in the Qatar Championships.

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