03 March 2023 (Jack87 News) – BK8Online gambling is an easy way to pass time while having fun. Many players invested time and money especially in poker. Connected to thi kind of growth comes many different types of cheating. Many establishments have invested incredible amounts of money to stop poker players from cheating, whether that’s in cash games or online poker tournaments.

Gaining an advantage at the table even through unfair cheating is very common to this business. Poker players come up with various ways on how to cheat in order to earn as much money as possible. Here are some terminology on poker cheating with corresponding explanation that may be used.


Ghosting is a unique type of cheating to most players. This is not the term used on Tinder where your date doesn’t respond to you. Bet99Ghosting is a form of cheating where another player coach you through certain spots. Knowing that this player is usually the one more skilled, other players at the table will not know that someone is using another player’s assistance in a certain spot while playing in the same tournament.


Having multiple accounts in entering poker tournaments more than they are allowed to is unfair to other players and can be identified as cheating. It is included to most online poker sites’ rules and regulations. Several poker players have been embroiled in multi-accounting scandals over the course of their career, with some even banned from sites altogether.


Collusion is considered as the most common form of cheating, both on live and online. This can be executed in many different manners. Whether in a cash game or a tournament, live poker or online, players can always cooperate to be sure of certain outcomes that benefit some at the expense of others.


Another type of cheating is called Soft-Play, where a player deliberately plays a weaker poker strategy against another player. This may be because they are your friend, and by playing “normally” – i.e. raising and betting where you would normally – you could cost your friend chips.


Our last type of cheater is the one who boosted their opponent’s stack where they may intentionally “dump” or lose poker chips to an opponent. Though it can be difficult to identify at the table, cheating in this way can be very obvious at times.


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