June 19, 2023 (Jack87 News) – The competition for the third place in the UEFA Nations League was held in the Netherlands on the evening of June 18 1xbet ios app. The visitors narrowly defeated the home team 3-2 and won the third place in the UEFA Nations League for two consecutive times. Although the Netherlands sits at home, they are a little timid playing, and did not show the momentum they should have in the first half. Italy took the lead in entering the state. Only 6 minutes into the game, Di Marco, who played for Inter Milan, took the lead for Italy.

Dimarco and Dumfries are Inter Milan teammates, where they helped the team reach the Champions League final this season. They are very familiar with each other. In the direct dialogue on this field, Dimarco has an obvious advantage. In the 20th minute, DiMarco made a cross from the left and caused confusion in the Dutch defense.

Italian coach Mancini abandoned captain Bonucci 1xbet mobile, who had a sluggish performance in the previous game, in the starting lineup. His central defender position was replaced by young central defender Buongiorno from Turin, while goalkeeper Donnarumma wore the captain’s armband. After Italy adjusted its defensive line combination, its defense became much more stable. Towards the end of the first half, Dutch center Gakpo got a single chance, but unfortunately missed his shot.

After the start of the second half, the Netherlands made lineup adjustments. Manchester United center Weghorst and former Tottenham player Bergwijn came off the bench, replacing two wingers Noah Long and Mullen. In the 63rd minute, the two sides made substitutions at the same time. 1xbet mobi Dutch coach Koeman replaced Simmons with midfielder Kupmenas who played for Atlanta in Serie A. Italian coach Mancini adjusted the position of the winger and replaced Chiesa and Zanio, with Lowe and Raspadori.

Both teams’ adjustments worked, with Bergwijn pulling one back for the Netherlands in the 68th minute. In the 72nd minute, Chiesa broke into the penalty area from the left and faced Dutch captain Van Dijk, where Italy led 3-1. In the 89th minute, Wijnaldum chased the score to 2-3 for the Netherlands. Although there were 10 minutes of stoppage time, the Netherlands failed to equalize the score.

Dutch coach Koeman and Italian coach Mancini are old acquaintances. In the Champions League final 31 years ago, 1xbet alternate url Barcelona beat Sampdoria 1-0 in overtime and won the Champions League for the first time. Central defender Koeman scored a direct free kick in the 112th minute. At that time, when the referee made a free kick penalty in front of the penalty area, Sampdoria captain Mancini was very dissatisfied. He picked up the ball and hit it on the ground. Maybe he realized that the situation was not good, and Koeman completed the lore. But in terms of coaching ability, Mancini is still clearly above Koeman, leading Italy to win the European Cup two years ago.

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