September 28, 2023 (Jack87 News) – After the start of the 2023/2024 season, boda8 th bonusLa Liga giants Real Madrid once won 5 consecutive league victories, and Bellingham’s wonderful performance made fans talk about it. However, in the last round, Real Madrid stumbled and lost 1-3 to their local rivals in the away game, giving up the top spot. After a few days of rest, Real Madrid ushered in the 7th round of games and faced newly promoted Las Palmas at home. The latter has never won at the Bernabeu in the past 35 times, which also makes fans more optimistic about Real Madrid. At the beginning of the game, Real Madrid attacked their opponents fiercely.

Taking into account the intensive schedule, Ancelotti made a major rotation in this game. Bellingham, Modric, Kroos and Vinicius were all on the bench. Kepa guarded the goal in the 4-3-3 system. Nacho, Rudiger, Alaba and Mendy form a four-back system, while Valverde, Chuameni and Camavinga sit in the midfield. boda8 myDias serves as the attacking midfielder and the two forwards are Rodrigo and He Selu.

As soon as the referee blew the whistle, Real Madrid formed a suppression and completed 18 shots in the first 45 minutes. Unfortunately, they never scored. In the 9th minute, Dias counterattacked in the penalty area, Nacho followed up with an inverted triangle pass, and Rodrigo volleyed from the center, but hit it too squarely and the ball was saved by the opponent’s goalkeeper. In the 32nd minute, Nacho distributed the ball selflessly in the penalty area. Rodrigo volleyed from close range, but the defender flew to block the hole. One minute later, Joselu made an inverted triangle from the left, and Nacho’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Until the 2nd minute of stoppage time came where Vazquez pass the ball low from the right, and Dias responded in the middle. He made a slight adjustment and shot a volley, which hit the opponent’s defender and refracted into the net. Real Madrid finally broke the deadlock at the buzzer, 1 -0! Going to the second half, Real Madrid continued to hold high of the offensive banner. In the 53rd minute, Rodrigo made a cross from the left side of the penalty area, with just the right power and placement. 1xbet malaysiaJoselu headed the ball into the dead center, and the score came to 2-0! Then Ancelotti made decisive substitutions, Vinicius and Ceballos came on as substitutes, while Joselu and Dias, the two goal scorers, were replaced.

For the rest of the time, Real Madrid firmly controlled the rhythm and did not give their opponents a decent chance at all. In the end, Real Madrid defeated Las Palmas 2-0, getting out of the shadow of the previous round’s defeat. Since Barcelona had previously drawn with Mallorca 2-2 1xbet ph, Real Madrid regained the lead over the Red and Blues. However, at the same time, Girona reversed Villarreal 2-1 and ushered in 6 consecutive league wins and rose to the top of the standings. Three days from today, Real Madrid will challenge Girona as a guest to stage a battle for the top spot in La Liga.

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