June 21, 2023 (Jack87 News) – Norway hosts Cyprus in Group A of the European Cup qualifiers. The home team grabbed its most coveted win against the visitors in the European preliminaries with the final score of 3-1. In the last game of the season, the Norwegian superstar Haaland 1xbet official, who played for Manchester City, made a double strike in 4 minutes. In the 2022-23 season, he represented Manchester City and the Norwegian national team and scored 56 goals, leaving behind MbappĂ© with 54 goals.

In the first 3 games of the group stage, Norway led by Harland and Odegaard had 1 draw and 2 losses without a win, and was far behind the top Scotland. In the battle against Cyprus, Haaland and Erdegaard continued to start, and Norway is looking forward to their first victory in the European preliminaries at home. In the 12th minute, Solbakken broke the deadlock for Norway! With his goal, Norway led 1-0 at halftime.

In the second half, it was Haaland’s turn to perform. In the 56th minute, Norway won a penalty kick, where Haaland stood at 12 yards, ready to take the penalty. Manchester City’s left-footed shot from the dead corner was successful, and Norway led 2-0! After the goal, Haaland jumped up to celebrate and accepted the congratulations of his teammates. In the 60th minute, Norway played beautifully, Odegaard made a straight pass, and Haaland stepped in to form a single-handed opportunity. In the penalty area, 1xbet download Haaland made a skillful shot from the outside of his left foot and the ball went into the net. Norway led 3-0!

With two goals scored in 4 minutes, Haaland has scored 24 goals on behalf of Norway, surpassing the legendary Solskjaer and Flo, tying Carew, only 9 goals away from the top player Juve! For Haaland after 2000, it is only a matter of time before he becomes the top scorer in Norway’s history. In the 93rd minute, Castanos of Cyprus scored a face-saving goal for his team to end the game with at least a goal against the home team’s 3 goals.

Haaland, combining his representation for Manchester City and the Norwegian national team scored a total of 56 goals in the season. In the pride battle of today’s young generation, Haaland and Mbappe is still in full swing overtaking each other after every game. After Mbappe’s last game against Greece, he overtook Haaland with 54 goals. However today, after Norway’s win against Cyprus, 1xbet android appHaaland took 2 shots to get 56 goals in total, leaving Mbappe behind again. In terms of personal honors, although Mbappe has the World Cup top score and the World Cup runner-up trophy, Haaland is even better, where he have 3 crowns for Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup.

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