September 26, 2023 (Jack87 News) – It is not a good sight for the fans of the newly promoted team Sheffield United after being slaughtered 8-0 courtesy of Newcastle United boda8 th. The home team seemingly venting all the anger they had suffered since the start of the season. From three consecutive defeats in the league to an awkward draw with Milan in the first round of the Champions League, Newcastle’s face as a new tycoon has been damaged and they need to regroup.

In this game, facing Sheffield United, which is hard to win in the new season, Newcastle finally went on a killing spree again. In the 21st minute, boda8 thGordon passed the ball in an inverted triangle from the bottom line, and Longstaff followed up to scored for Newcastle to break the deadlock. In the 31st minute, Trippier’s corner kick went to the back point, Dan Byrne scored with a header, and Newcastle United expanded the score advantage to 2-0.

In the 35th minute, Trippier sent a free kick into the penalty area, Bote scored with a slow header, and Newcastle entered the halftime break with a 3-0 score. Changing sides to fight again, Trippier passed the ball and helped Wilson score with a header in the small penalty area, making the score 4-0 1xbet 2023. In this game, Trippier, who serves as Newcastle captain, scored a hat-trick of assists. According to statistics, this is the first time in the England defender’s career that he has assisted and scored. Then, in the 62nd minute, young player Anthony Gordon cut in and scored. Newcastle, who were leading 5-0, had completely spoiled the suspense of the game.

Having a huge advantage, Newcastle did not stop there. 1xbet malaysiaAlmiron scored another goal in the 69th minute with a low shot to continue the bleeding, scoring 6-0. The Brazilian international midfielder GuimarĂ£es, in the 72nd minute, volleyed from the penalty area to help Newcastle rewrite the score to 7-0. Finally, the Swedish center Isaac easily passed and scored before the match ended, and Newcastle locked the score at 8-0.

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