June 23, 2023 (Jack87 News) – This may be the draft with the least suspense of the No. 1 pick. When the Spurs successfully stood out and won the No. 1 pick in the contest, 1xbet Popovich was excited to get Victor Wembanyama. Maybe because Wenbanyama knows that the Spurs are definitely a place where inside players can be trained, and the Spurs are the starting point for him to become a superstar.

The Spurs’ last No. 1 pick was Tim Duncan in 1997. Duncan is one of the best centers in NBA history, and is also the contributor to the Spurs’ championship. Duncan was 21 years old back then, and now Wenbanyama is only 19 years old. Obviously, 1xbet ph Spurs fans hope that he can become the next Duncan, and it will take time to verify whether he can take up this position as a young man.

With the draft’s continuation, the Hornets with the No. 2 pick chose Brandon Miller from the University of Alabama, a combo guard from the Ignition Team of the Development League 1xbet official, while Scott Henderson will go to the Portland Trail Blazers to start his career. Next, Brothers Amen Thompson and Osar Thompson from the OTE League were drafted by the Rockets and Pistons respectively.

The 6-10 selected players are: Anthony Blake (Magic), Bilal Coulibaly (Pacers, then traded to the Wizards), Jarez Walker (Wizards, then traded to the Pacers) ), Tyler Hendricks (Jazz), Carson Wallace (Mavericks, then traded to the Thunder).

The players selected with the 10th-15th picks are: Jeter Howard (Magic), Derek Lively (Thunder, then traded to the Lone Ranger), Grady Dick (Raptors), Jordan Hawking Bryant (Pelicans), Kobe Bavkin (Eagle).

The 16-20 selected players are: Kiantai George (Jazz), Jaylen Hood Hiffino (Lakers), Jaime Hacks Jr. (Heat), Brandin Pojem Ski (Warriors), Cam Whitmore (Rockets).

The players selected with the 21-30 picks are: 1xbet download Noah Clowney (Nets), Dalich Whitehead (Nets), Chris Murray (Trail Blazers), Olivier – Maxance Prosper (Kings, traded to Mavericks), Marcus Sather (Celtics, traded to Pistons), Ben Spade (Pacers), Nick Smith Jr. (Hornets), Bryce Sensab (Jazz), Julian Strouser (Nuggets), Kobe Brown (Clippers).

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