Jack87 news today, asianbookie Boston Celtics’ Derrick White blocks Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler’s shot in Game 6 of NBA Eastern Conference Finals

The Boston Celtics beat the Miami Heat 104-103 in Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals Saturday at the Casea Center in Miami, Fla., to tie the series 3-3.

No team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in an NBA playoff series. The three teams were tied 3-3 after losing their first three games, but all lost in the final games. The Celtics have now become the fourth team to win three elimination games in one series. They’ll have the chance to take on Mission Impossible 7 on May 29 at TD Garden in Boston, MA.

Derrick White gave the Celtics the chance on a 0.3-second buzzer return. They trailed 103-102 with three seconds left in that game. White is the one to catch the ball. Heat defenseman Max Struth is understandably more focused on helping Jimmy Butler stop Jayson Tatum from receiving the ball. They did, but at the cost of allowing White to sneak a layup after passing the ball to Marcus Smart.

Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler drives to the rim against the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals

White contributed far more than game-saving rebounds and turnovers to the Celtics’ victory on Saturday night. He does a better job of guarding Butler than any of his teammates, thanks to his strong lower body and timing of jump transfers. That’s why White not only managed to keep himself from being tricked by Butler’s fake, but also confronted Butler with a block.

Butler’s performance of 2 of 15 shots in the first three quarters was a bit difficult. bk8 Adebayo is also not doing well on the offensive end. Martin, Vincent, Struth and Duncan Robinson made 12 3-pointers before Butler bounced back in the final quarter to help keep the game alive. After 8 free throws, he scored 15 points in this quarter alone. He consistently attacked the Celtics’ big men, Robert Williams III and Horford, in the final five minutes as an effective way to score.

Boston Celtics’ Derrick White hits the buzzer-beater in Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat

Smart hit a tough 3-pointer and missed it in the hands of Gabe Vincent. At that moment, the Heat’s biggest player, Bam Adebayo, was pulled out of the paint by Jaylen Brown. Caleb Martin, who stands 1.96 meters tall, was the only player on the team who was close to the rim, but he kept an eye on Al Horford in the corner.

That’s why neither Tatum nor White have had much of a challenge battling for the offensive rebound. Tatum jumped too early to get the ball, but White grabbed the rebound and released it in time to make the shot count. asianbookie bk8 It was the Celtics’ sixth offensive rebound in the fourth quarter. Five of those came in the final four minutes and three more in the final 61 seconds.

Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum takes a shot in Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat

Celtics duo Tatum and Brown combined for 57 points and 21 rebounds Saturday. The two missed 12 three-pointers, but made a total of 23 free throws. Brown even grabbed 5 offensive rebounds, a career high in the playoffs.

The Celtics attempted 3,492 3-pointers during the regular season, nearly half of their field goal total (FG) bk8 malaysia of 7,278. It’s both rare and essential for them to win a game when they miss 28 of their 35 field goal attempts in downtown, as they did on Saturday. After winning their past three games in a row, they are now the series favorite.

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