Jack87 news today, A jury ordered Los Angeles County to pay Kobe Bryant’s widow and a co-plaintiff $31 million over photos of the helicopter crash that killed the basketball star.

Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters who rushed to the scene of the January 2020 crash took pictures of the carnage, including the remains of the Los Angeles Lakers legend and his 13-year-old daughter.

The civil trial in Los Angeles learned how some of those first responders showed the photos to the public — including asianbookie a bartender — while a deputy texted friends while the pair played video games.

Los Angeles County said in its defense that the photos were never made public and that officials had been working to clear them from the device.

But the two-week trial heard how Vanessa Bryant and Chris Chester, bk8 whose wife and daughter were also killed in the crash, lived in fear that the pictures would one day be on the internet .

Both have filed lawsuits over the emotional damage to the photos, and the lawsuits have been consolidated.

The county was ordered to pay Bryant $16 million and Chester $15 million.

Chester’s lawyers asked Tuesday for damages to be calculated based on the remaining life expectancy of each of the two plaintiffs. He had asked for $40 million for Bryant, 40, and $30 million for Chester, 48.

“You can’t reward them with too much money for what they went through,” attorney Jerry Jackson said.

Bryant’s attorney, Craig Lavoie, said he is seeking “justice and accountability” for the basketball superstar — a hero to the city of Los Angeles — bk8 malaysia and his widow.

“We’re here because of willful conduct — the county violated the constitutional rights of Mrs. Bryant and Mr. Chester,” Lavoie said, and asked a jury to hold the county for “constitutional violations of its employees.” Responsible.

Jurors in downtown Los Angeles reached their verdict after about four and a half hours of deliberation.

Relatives of other victims were awarded $2.5 million last year for taking the photo.

An investigation into the crash found the pilot may have become disoriented after flying the Sikorsky S-76 into fog.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players in history, Kobe Bryant became the face of his game during his two glorious years with the Los Angeles Lakers bk8 asianbookie .

His career began after graduating high school in 1996 and continued until his retirement in 2016, and he was a five-time NBA champion.

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