Jack87 news today, The Dallas Mavericks are working to schedule a preseason game against Europa League powerhouse Real Madrid in asianbookie the 2023 preseason.

That’s what team owner Mark Cuban revealed, adding that if the two teams and the NBA agree on logistical issues, the game will go ahead.

“I don’t know if we can play a preseason game in bk8 Slovenia, but we’re trying to play Real Madrid. It depends on the league, so we’ll see. But of course we’re working on it,” Cuban told The Dallas Morning News’ Callie Caplan on Wednesday. media.

Since Luka Doncic joined the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban has planned to travel bk8 malaysia to Spain to prepare for a game against Real Madrid and reunite with Doncic at his old club.

Before the two sides’ agreement officially took effect, the Mavericks had their sights set on this season’s championship run. In its season opener, bk8 asianbookie D Arras will face the Phoenix Suns in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals.

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