Jack87 news today, asianbookie Denver Nuggets’ Jamal Murray shoots in Game 3 of NBA Western Conference Finals against Los Angeles Lakers

Murray made 13 of 20 shots in the first half and scored 30 points for the Nuggets in the first two quarters. His performance is not only a beautiful number, but also the key to keeping the team’s offense. Not only was their ace Nikola Jokic struggling with his icy shooting touch, he was also called for three personal fouls in the first two quarters.

In fact, Jokic’s misfortune continued to haunt him in the third quarter, when he committed his fourth personal foul at 7:24. As a result, he had to sit on the bench until the end of the season. Additionally, the Lakers changed their defensive matchup to have Dennis Schroder man-mark Murray. Without Jokic’s pick-and-roll and ball-distributing ability, coupled with Murray’s struggle with fatigue, he missed all five shots and scored zero points during this bk8 period.

Denver Nuggets’ Michael Porter Jr. and Bruce Brown battle for a rebound in Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers

This should have been the Lakers’ best chance to turn things around, especially when LeBron James finally made a three-pointer in this series. Nevertheless, Zijin still missed this precious opportunity. Offensively, despite their obvious size advantage, they don’t hit the rim well enough. Anthony Davis was the only one attacking the paint effectively, taking four shots and scoring 11 points there. In contrast, James missed three of his three attempts inside the arc.

The Lakers were even more disappointing on the defensive end. They slowed down the rotation in a way that allowed many open 3-pointers. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Michael Porter Jr. combined for five 3-pointers to keep the game close until Jokic and Murray came back to save the day in the fourth quarter.

After conserving enough energy off the bench for the first three quarters, asianbookie bk8 Jokic made five of seven field goals in the fourth quarter and scored 15 points while avoiding fouls. The Lakers tried to contain him with a trick that had worked so well before, with Hachimura fighting in the frontcourt and Davis waiting for an assist in the back. Jokic, however, beat the defense by repeatedly cutting open and finishing quickly around the rim.

Denver Nuggets’ Kentavious Caldwell-Pope takes a shot in Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers

Bruce Brown and Porter Jr., who usually play closers on the Nuggets roster, combined for six assists in the fourth quarter Saturday night. Brown also had 15 points, the highest of any bench player on both sides. Porter Jr. made four 3-pointers, but his 10 rebounds and career-high six assists may have been more important to the team.

For the Lakers, Davis scored most of the 28 points and 18 rebounds in the first three quarters, but couldn’t get the ball in the fourth quarter. James scored a double-double of 23 points and 12 assists, but felt bad again in the second half, and bk8 malaysia only made one goal in the penalty area in the last two quarters.

Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets) shoots in Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers

The Denver Nuggets extended their series lead to 3-0 by beating the Los Angeles Lakers 119-108 in Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals on Saturday at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California.

The Nuggets advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history, with one victory only. As for the Lakers, no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in any playoff series.

The Lakers continued to start Jared Vanderbilt like they did in Game 2, hoping to contain Jamal Murray with his size and mobility. Still, Murray played hide-and-seek with Vanderbilt through the screens set by his teammates, while trying to make quick shots in the early offense before the Lakers could build a routine defense.


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