April 21, 2023 (Jack87 News) – The Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings ushered in Game 3 of the payoffs. At the end of the game, the Warriors defeated the Kings 114-97, tallying the series to 1-2 BK8.

Kings Players Stats: Fox scored 26 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, Huerter had 13 points and 4 rebounds, Sabonis Jr. had 15 points, 16 rebounds and 4 assists, Keegan Murray had 6 points and 5 rebounds, Harrison Barnes had 17 points , D. Mitchell scored 5 points, and Malik Monk dived in a state, scoring only 4 points and 4 assists.

Warriors Players Stats: Curry scored 36 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and 1 block, Kevon Looney had 4 points, 20 rebounds and 9 assists, Klay Thompson contributed 13 points and 5 rebounds, Wiggins had 20 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists, Jordan Poole had 16 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Di Vincenzo had 6 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals, Moses Moody had 13 points, and Kuminga added 6 points.

Specific scores: 22Bet 20-29, 21-24, 31-31, 25-30 (Warriors are behind).

At the beginning of the first quarter, the Warriors quickly entered the game state with the help of their home momentum. Poole replaced Draymond Green into the starting lineup, and quickly used dunks to score for the Warriors. Since then, Clay and Curry have also hit three-pointers from the outside. However, on the King’s side, Fox and Sabonis Jr. also played smoothly. In the middle of this quarter, Fox made a jump shot and the visiting team tied the score. Entering the latter part of the quarter, the Warriors gradually took advantage of the field, and Di Vincenzo was quite stealthy. He made a successful steal, made 1 of 2 free throws for a foul, and hit a high-flying layup with a countdown at the end of the quarter. After a single quarter, the Warriors temporarily lead 29-20.

In the second quarter, the two supporting roles, Mitchell and Ryan, scored consecutively, and the Kings bit the score again. But after that, Wiggins stood up to steal the spotlight. He blocked his opponent for a layup on the defensive end, and hit a three-pointer in the counterattack to score in double figures. The Warriors also led to 9 points again. Next, the offenses of both sides coincidentally fell into inefficiency. However, the Warriors set off a new climax at the end of this quarter by relying on Curry’s brave performance. He made a three-pointer before the end of halftime, and the Warriors continued to lead the Kings 53-41.

After changing sides, Bet99 Wiggins scored consecutive layups, Curry hit another three-pointer, and the Warriors continued to maintain a double-digit advantage. But since then, Barnes’s two successful attacks on the basket have brought the point difference back to within 10 points. Next, the point difference has always hovered on the baseline of 10 points. Entering the latter part of the third quarter, Curry scored a layup and scored 2+1, and the point difference once reached 18 points. Fox also hit a three-pointer and stopped the bleeding for the Kings. After the third quarter, the Warriors continued to lead the Kings 84-72.

In the final quarter, the Warriors issued a signal for a total attack. Curry made a layup and a three-pointer, scoring 33 points. In the latter part of this quarter, Looney grabbed his 20th rebound of the field, and made a wonderful pass to Clay for a jumper, sending out his 9th assist. Curry hit a three-pointer again, and the point difference came to more than 20 points. The suspense of the outcome was basically killed. In addition, Curry also surpassed Pippen in this game and rose to 17th in the NBA’s historical playoff scoring list. As the Kings surrendered in the final stage of the game, the Warriors defeated the Kings 114-97, tallying the series to 1-2.

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