April 23, 2023 (Jack87 News) – The Los Angeles Lakers ushered in the third game of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies at home. In this campaign, the core of the Grizzlies, BK8 Morant, made a comeback, while Adams and Clark, who had been injured for a long time, continued to be absent. After four quarters of fierce fighting, the Lakers defeated the Grizzlies 111-101, leading the total series score 2-1.

The score of the two sides in four quarters (Grizzlies first): 9-35, 28-18, 31-35, 33-23

Grizzlies player data: Bet99 Morant 45 points, 9 rebounds and 13 assists, Bane 18 points, Jaren Jackson Jr. 13 points and 5 rebounds, Tillman 6 points and 12 rebounds, Brooks 7 points

Lakers player data: 22Bet James 25 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, Davis 31 points and 17 rebounds, Russell 17 points and 7 assists, Reeves 13 points and 6 rebounds, Hachimura 16 points and 5 rebounds

At the beginning of the game, the Lakers were in great momentum, playing a 17-2 offensive climax in the first half. The Big Three of James, Davis, and Russell made it difficult for the Grizzlies to score consecutively. At 4 minutes and 46 seconds, with Davis making a dunk, the Lakers led the Grizzlies 24-7. After coming off the bench, Rui Hachimura was also in hot form, scoring 7 points in a row to help the Lakers end the first quarter with a 35-9 lead over the Grizzlies.

In the second quarter, Hachimura completed a steal + three-pointer in the opening game, and the Lakers entered the stage of playing more and more smoothly. At 6 minutes and 54 seconds, Reeves broke through and scored a throw. The Lakers led the Grizzlies 46-17. The Grizzlies started to counterattack in the second half, and Morant led the team to attack consecutively. At the end of the half, Morant had scored 16 points, but due to the excessive digging in the first quarter, the Grizzlies still entered the second half with a 16-point deficit .

After changing sides, Brooks was expelled from the field for attacking James’ crotch at the beginning of the game. James scored a fast break dunk at 8 minutes and 46 seconds. At this time, the Lakers leading the opponent by 21 points again. Then Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. scored consecutively to narrow the point difference to less than 20 points. Bane hit a three-pointer at 5 minutes and 49 seconds, but after the timeout, Davis played his offensive and defensive power on the court and once again opened the point difference to more than 20 points. After 29.9 seconds, as Davis made a backward shot, the Lakers led the Grizzlies 88-68.

In the 4th quarter, although the Grizzlies have been making counterattacks, Morant and Bane kept scoring to keep the game suspenseful, but because the Lakers have been able to make response goals, they have already stabilized the situation, and finally defeated the Grizzlies 111-101.

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