September 20, 2022 (Jack87 News) – In the recently concluded 2022 Men’s Basketball European Cup, asianbookie Spain defeated France with a final score of 88-76 and bagging the title as champions. With Gasol brothers both retired and Ricky Rubio absent due to injury, Spain desperately need players to take over in leading the whole team. This is where Willy and Juancho Hernangomez enters. In this year’s European Cup the brothers are surely the biggest champions of all.

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Willie Hernangomez won the MVP of this European Cup with his outstanding performance. In this competition, Willie played 21.7 minutes per game and could get 17.2 points, 6.9 rebounds and 1.4 assists. While his younger brother, bk8 Juancho hailed as the final MVP, after playing 26 minutes, scoring 9 of 11 shots, 7 of 9 three-pointers, 2 of 2 free throws, and scored a game-high 27 points, plus 5 rebounds and 2 steals.

It is worth mentioning that the Hernangomez brothers have never really earned a spotlight in their basketball careers. Whether in the national team or in the NBA, they are at small supporting roles on the court. But in this year’s European Cup, they overshadowed the limelight of Antetokounmpo, Doncic, Jokic, Gobert and other superstars in this European Cup.

With the two brothers breaking out in the European Cup, their situation in the NBA is also expected to change. At present, bk8 sports Willie has two years left on his contract with the Pelicans, and Juancho has just signed with the Raptors this summer. In the new season, it is undoubtedly worth looking forward to whether they can reproduce the highlights of the international arena into the club’s events.

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