Jack87news today July 9, 2022 is which team will Kevin Durant go next as it seems he and Kyrie Irving is following James Harden on the next train out of Brooklyn. There were rumors circulating that Durant and the Nets is having some kind of misunderstanding. Some even says that it erupted when the management did not find time to understand Irving and that bothers Durant. But all those were just speculations because nobody clarifies anything.

Rumors heated arguments all over the hoops world because whoever acquires Durant will surely change everything. Durant is one of the basketball superstars for a long time now and he surely is capable of winning the ring. But where will he really land? Let’s take a look at who’s favored to receive his services for next season.

Phoenix Suns +110
Brooklyn Nets +250
Toronto Raptors +400
Golden State Warriors +1,400
Miami Heat +1,400
Chicago Bulls +2,000
Portland Trail Blazers +2,000
New Orleans Pelicans +2,200
Philadelphia 76ers +2,500
L.A. Lakers +3,000
Boston Celtics +3,000
Memphis Grizzlies +3,000

This Odds were collected via DraftKings Sportsbook, July 7, 2022.

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