January 16, 2023 (Jack87 News) – BK8 Clay Thompson made a three-pointer in the early start of the game, but then the Bulls scored 10 points in a row to establish an advantage. The Bulls became more courageous as they fought, leading the Warriors with a 19-5 lead in the opening game. Curry scored 5 points in a row and the Warriors strengthened their outside shots, but the Bulls’ offensive efficiency was very high. After Looney scored a layup, White made a mid-range shot with 16.1 seconds left in the first quarter. After the first quarter, the Bulls led the Warriors 35-20. Vucevic scored 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting in this quarter.

At 1 minute and 43 seconds into the second quarter, the Warriors played an 11-2 attack wave and fell behind by 6 points to stop the Bulls Bet99. Caruso made a three-pointer to help the Bulls stabilize the situation. In the middle of the quarter, the Splash Brothers stepped forward and jointly scored 4 three-pointers. The Warriors fell behind 52-54 and stopped the Bulls again. Then, Thompson hit his fourth three-pointer in a single quarter, while Curry dropped his own three-pointer to help the Warriors overtake the score. At the end of the first half, the Warriors led the Bulls 61-59.

After the start of the third quarter, the Warriors scored 2 consecutive three-pointers and led by 8 points. Vucevic was in excellent form and scored consecutive points to help the Bulls tie the score at 73. White and LaVine made three-pointers, and the Bulls overtook the score. With the Warriors trailing by 9 points, Poole and Di Vincenzo hit three-pointers each. With 11.1 seconds left in the quarter, Vucevic scored in a mid-range shot. After three quarters, the Bulls led the Warriors 92-86.

After the start of the final quarter, Vucevic scored 2 three-pointers in a row, and the Bulls played a 16-7 attack wave to lead by 15 points. Boda8 Curry scored 6 points in a row, but the Bulls maintained a double-digit advantage. Thompson hit his eighth three-pointer, and then Green completed a 2+1 offense. The Bulls fought back from the outside, and then Vucevic scored 4 points in a row. With 2 minutes left in the game, the Warriors trailed by 15 points, and Coach Kerr replaced the main force. In the end, the Warriors lost to the Bulls.

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