October 8, 2022 (Jack87 News) – asianbookie TMZ, the famous American gossip website exposed the video of the conflict between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. Warriors team reporter Anthony Slater stated that the leak of the video will only exacerbate the current tense situation.

Judging from the exposed video, it seems that Green and Poole had an argument first, and then Draymond approached Jordan, and they were still talking. The latter shoved him angrily, and then Green punched Poole directly in the face with his right hand, knocking him to the ground.

Slater wrote on social media: “The Warriors did not practice today. According to coach (Steve) Kerr, Draymond Green originally planned to return to the team for training on October 8 (local time) bk8. The leak of the video only exacerbate the current tension. It’s a big punch, thankfully Poole is okay.”

Reporter Woj said he was informed that the Warriors would take “all legal actions” to investigate how the video of the clash between Green and Poole came out. TMZ later reported that the San Francisco Police Department would not be involved in the investigation into the conflict between Draymond and Poole.

Other players have their own analysis on the conflict. Knicks player Evan Fournier commented, “After receiving such a punch, it is impossible for these two to be teammates again.” NBA legend Kendrick Perkins said: “In addition to this is a stupid move, Draymond Green needs to know what his behavior has done to Poole asianbookie bk8, the team and himself. Leadership is not just about letting teammates down. Take responsibility and check yourself.” Former Warriors player Ezeli said: “Fights always happen, whether it’s in practice or in games. A championship team can’t be without a single conflict, so it’s always going to happen, don’t overreact. But If it were me, I would definitely punch him back so that the relationship can be saved.”

After the incident, there is no final declaration on whether there will be suspension or trading that would happen, but let us wait for more days for other updates.

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