Jack87 news today, August 16, 2022, Malaysian time – 1xbet The Brooklyn Nets seems to be having a steady hand regarding Kevin Durant’s trade request. Many teams have shown interest in acquiring the mysterious superstar but the team feels not ready to let him go because no deal materialized. Recent news circulated about the Nets team manager having a meeting with their main man, but no further details was confirmed.


How long will this issue die down? Technically, Durant doesn’t have much leverage, and one reason for that is his contract. He’s about to start a four-year extension that doesn’t include any player options. He won’t be eligible for free agency again until the summer of 2026. 1xbet official The Nets can wait for better offers to come considering they have plenty of time to make a trade.

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Sports fans will still have to wait for the most interesting part which is whether Durant holds out or not. Will he show up to training camp? Could he actually sit out regular season games? The Nets could be a top team in the Eastern Conference this season if Durant, 1xbet promotion Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are healthy. But judging by the latest reports, Durant seems pretty adamant about leaving the Nets as soon as possible. There is nothing we can do but to wait and see.

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