June 19, 2023 (Jack87 News) – Early morning today, the UEFA Europa League final was played between Spain and Croatia 1xbet. In the latest FIFA rankings, Croatia ranks seventh and Spain ranks 10th. Coincidentally, both teams were eliminated by Morocco in the World Cup. It’s just that Spain was stopped right outside the quarter-finals, while Croatia was just blocked from the gate of the semi-finals. Apart from the UEFA Europa League final, Spain’s recent situation is not good. In the World Cup group stage, they lost to Japan, and in the European Cup qualifier they lost to Scotland 0-2. With Spain’s performance, it is difficult to satisfy the fans. On the other hand, Croatia’s recent games have drawn a lot. In the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League, Croatia drew with the Netherlands 2-2 in regular time and advanced 4-2 through overtime.

In today’s battle, right after the opening, like the finals of most competitions, the scene was quite dull. Both teams showed adept skill, but most possession was not sealed, and the fans booed to express their dissatisfaction. In the 10th minute of the game, Croatia almost lost the ball. Faced with Pino’s unthreatening cross, 1xbet ph Livakovic made a low-level error. Morata followed up with a shot and was whistled for offside. Three minutes later, the Croatian defense had another problem and was intercepted by Spain. Under the defense of the three, Garvey suddenly kicked the ball out of the gap. Livakovic did not respond, and the ball missed the ball unfortunately. Continuous defensive mistakes sounded the alarm for Croatia, the transfer between players became more conservative, and the game returned to flat. After stabilizing their position, Croatia ushered in an excellent opportunity.

In the 23rd minute, through a simple long pass, Kramaric formed a one-handed opportunity. Laporte rushed out from a diagonal stab and made a precise tackle to resolve the danger. In the 26th minute, Spain’s wide cross made a threat. Rodri ‘s header was caught off guard, hit Morata ‘s head in a parabola, and the ball almost went into the goal. Croatia’s offense also pursued a delicate one in the 29th minute, when Modric quickly sent a free kick after being fouled. 1xbet official Perisic ‘s header went straight to the dead corner and Simon made a wonderful save. In the last 15 minutes of the first half, the two teams played more and more slowly, making people drowsy.

After the start of the second half, Croatia took the initiative to speed up the pace. In the 49th minute, Perisic made a pass, and Simon jumped high and failed to touch the ball. 1xbet download Juranovic followed up and shot, which was a bit outrageous. In the following games, both teams played relatively flatly. Except for Fati’s shot which was cleared by Perisic’s goal line, where neither team had much chance. In the 89th minute, after receiving a wonderful pass from Navas, Asensio shot directly from a small angle and the ball went wide. No surprises, the two teams drew 0-0 in 90 minutes and the game entered overtime.

In the extra time, Spain had an absolute advantage, and Croatia could only parry, but had no power to fight back. In the 107th minute, Olmo 1xbet android app, who came off the bench, opened his bow, and his shot hit the defensive player and went out of the baseline. In the rest of the overtime period, neither team had any chances, and a penalty shootout was inevitable. In the first three rounds, players from both teams made accurate shots. In the fourth round of the penalty shootout, Mayer ‘s shot was blocked by Simon with his feet. In the fifth round, as long as Laporte hits, the game will be over, but Laporte ‘s shot hit the crossbar. The sixth round entered the 1V1 duel, and Petkovic ‘s shot was also rejected by Simon and Carvajal scored a penalty kick with a scoop. In the end, Spain defeated Croatia 5-4 in a penalty shootout and won the UEFA Champions League. This is also the fifth international championship in the history of the Spanish team, Nations League and World Cup teams.

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