Lionel Messi immediately had a huge impact in the Major League Soccer (MLS) Inter Miami debut match, standing out with outstanding performance. In his first game, he helped the team win with a winning free kick, and then continued to perform well in the League Cup match against Atlanta United. He scored two goals and assisted once, helping the team easily win 4-0. This performance showcases the tremendous impact that a player, especially a suitable player like Messi, can have on the entire club.

Jorge Mas, co owner of Inter Miami, stated that Messi’s arrival will mark a new era for the club and MLS. The presence of this Argentine superstar has sparked great excitement and desire in the local community, as evidenced by the strong support of fans for him. In the game against Atlanta United, Messi scored his first goal in the 8th minute, and his shot bounced off the goal post before scoring again. In the 22nd minute, he scored his second goal with a pass from Robert Taylor.

Messi caught the attention of Atlanta’s defenders and created opportunities for other Miami players, leading to Taylor’s goal. Messi’s influence transcended the field, bringing great attention and enthusiasm to Inter Miami. He is seen as a reformer of MLS, and Mas believes that his arrival will mark a new era in American football. Despite his incredible performance on the field, an incident occurred when Messi left the field and a fan managed to approach him. The security guard quickly escorted the fan away from the stadium.

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