June 20, 2023 (Jack87 News) – In the fourth round of the European preliminaries group stage, France faces Greece. During the first half, both sides failed to seize the opportunity to score goals. Come second half when Mavropanos kicked Griezmann, so the referee sent a red flag, and Mbappe scored a penalty kick! The game ended with 1-0 in favor of France against Greece 1xbet signup.

The French team easily beat Gibraltar in the last round, leading the group with 3 consecutive victories, while Greece is also currently maintaining its winning streak. The qualifying situation has a direct impact. Although Greece won the European Cup and entered the top 14 of the World Cup in Brazil, they have missed the three competitions from 2016 to 2022. They are currently ranked 52nd in the world while France sit comfortably in the second spot, obviously with a big gap.

Only 2 minutes into the game, there was already a controversy when Griezmann took a corner kick. 1xbet bonus Mbappe was pulled to the ground when he was fighting for the top in the penalty area. The referee from Laos did not say anything. After 5 minutes, Mouani returned in the penalty area, Griezmann followed up with a volley and hit Mavropanos’ arm, no call from the referee still, and even VAR did not intervene. In the 27th minute, Conte sent the ball into the penalty area from the right, and Mbappe was pushed to the ground by Baldock behind him, but again there is no whistle. In the 41st minute, Mbappe broke through the penalty area and was knocked down by two Greek defenders.

In the 51st minute after returning from the second half, 1xbet casino Griezmann suffered a headshot with a flying kick and fell to the ground with blood on his face. Finally a whistle was heard this time for a penalty kick, but Mbappe’s shot was saved by Frachotimos. However, because the Greek players entered the penalty area ahead of time, the French team received a heavy penalty. This time Mbappe made a solid penalty, 1-0! France finally took the lead.

It is worth mentioning that this is the 54th goal scored by Mbappe this season, surpassing Fontaine in 1958 with 53 goals, becoming the first French player to have the highest score in a single season in 65 years! At the same time, this is also Mbappe’s 40th goal in the French national team, becoming the youngest player in the national team to score 40 goals since the legendary superstar Puskas of Hungary and Real Madrid in 1950 1xbet. In this season’s scorer list, Mbappe once again tied Harland, with remaining European preliminaries to play.

Going back to the game proper, during the 87th minute, the French team launched a counterattack after stealing from the backcourt. Mbappe went into the penalty area and crossed the goal. Dembele didn’t hit the ball at the back point, and the ball went straight out of the baseline. In the 95th minute, 1xbet ph Kamavenga chose to hit the goal directly from the outside of the penalty area, and the ball was slightly higher than the crossbar. This concluded the game where France continue its winning streak, leading the group with four consecutive victories.

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