September 9, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Just at the beginning of the match, asianbookie Bellerin and Marcos Alonso dropped out of the squad. In the 4th minute, Penica stumbled on Dembele and was warned by a yellow card. Seven minutes later, Dembele made a cross from the right corner, Conde nodded the ball back, and Casey scored with a header from the right side of the penalty area. Casey scored his first goal and the opening score for Barcelona 1-0.

In the 25th minute, bk8 Moscola elbowed Christensen in the Barcelona penalty area, and Christensen kicked Moscola when he fell to the ground. The referee gave Christensen a red card and a penalty kick, changed to an offensive foul after seeing VAR and showed Moscow a yellow card. In the 28th minute, Alba made a cross from the left, and Lewandowski’s heel shot was blocked from the bottom line. In the 34th minute, Sergi Roberto scored the ball from the middle, and Lewandowski pushed the goal from the far corner from the middle of the penalty area that expands Barcelona’s advantage 2-0!

Lewandowski continue to show aggressive movements and attack from different areas but Bilsen doesn’t want to end the night just yet. In the 44th minute, Jemelka made a pass from the left side of the penalty area , and Shikla scored a header in front of the small penalty area in the middle that gave them hope with 1-2 score. It is just sad though, that Barcelona is too eager to seal the win. bk8 sports Dembele made a cross from the right after a tackle in the frontcourt, and Lewandowski nodded and scored. 3-1, Barcelona led by two goals again, Lewandowski scored twice! The fourth goal of the night for Barcelona was also courtesy of Lewandowski when he scored a hat trick with 67 minutes left.

In the 70th minute, Dembele made a strong shot from the left side of the arc of the penalty area, and the ball was slightly higher than the crossbar. In 71 minutes, Dembele picked a pass from the middle, and Ferran Torres turned and volleyed in front of the small penalty area. 5-1, Ferran Torres made a pass and Dembele sent two assists that concluded the game.

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