October 4, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Roars echoed in the stadium, as Thomas opened the scoring of the night at home asianbookie. Zinchenko who just recovered from injury was sent to the field together with Odegaard to replace two starters. After playing well in the recent game, Sun Xingmin returned to the starting lineup on this match, accompanied by Romero and Emerson. Tottenham have won 4 of the past 6 games and Arsenal have won 2.

In the 2nd minute, Saka made a cross from the right, Martinelli stopped the ball and volleyed, Lori saved the ball, and the ball hit the near post and popped out. Then in the 3rd minute, bk8 Saka made a cross from the right, and Zhaka’s scorpion shot missed.

In the 14th minute, Romero made a direct pass, Kane volleyed wide in the penalty area, and the referee ruled it outside. When the 15th minute came, Ben White missed a long shot from outside the penalty area. A minute later, Thomas intercepted the ball and Xhaka missed a long shot. In the 20th minute, Ben White made a cross from the right, Thomas kicked a strong long-range shot into the upper right corner of the goal, 1-0, and Arsenal took the lead at home. In the 28th minute, Sun Xingmin passed the ball, and Perisic cut into the penalty area and volleyed from a small angle.

In the 31st minute, Xhaka made a mistake in making a clearance, bk8 sports Richarlison stole the ball, Gabriel tackled Richarlison in the penalty area, Kane kicked a penalty kick and hit the middle of the goal. Tottenham tied the score before the halftime.

In the 48th minute, Thomas passed the ball, Saka volleyed from the right side of the penalty area, Lori threw the ball and let go, the ball hit Romero and rebounded. Arsenal took the lead again with 2-1 as Jesus scored in the first North London derby. Then in the 66th minute, Thomas passed the ball, Martinelli cut in from the left, Xhaka dribbled the ball in the penalty area and scored a low shot, 3-1, and Xhaka scored his second goal of this season which ended the suspense of the game where Arsenal beat Tottenham.

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