Jack87 news today, asianbookie Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta started the day still hoping his side could win the Premier League title from Manchester City but ended up apologizing to the club’s fans.

A 3-0 home defeat to brilliant Brighton and Hove Albion, shortly after City beat Everton by the same scoreline, all but dashed Arsenal’s dreams.

It all felt pretty anti-climactic as thousands of Arsenal fans already led Brighton 2-0 thanks to second-half goals from Julio Enciso and Deniz Udav.

When Pervis Estupinan made it 3-0 in stoppage time in front of a rapidly empty stadium, it all came down to considerable embarrassment for Arsenal, who have led the table for most of the season but have struggled in the past six. Bad week.

“I was proud to stand here a week ago and today we have to apologize for the second half performance. It’s unacceptable,”bk8 Spaniard Arteta told Sky Sports.

“Mathematically, (topic) it is still possible, but it is impossible to think about it today.

“We need to digest the result and the performance in the second half, understand why and react differently.”

Arsenal were eight points clear of Manchester City and in control of the title race when they beat Leeds United 4-1 on April 1.

Since then, however, they have won two of their seven games and fell apart at City last month.

Arsenal have made huge strides this season, finishing fifth last time out, but a sullen Arteta could find few positives after his side surrendered to Brighton in the second half.

City beat Everton in what looked like a banana peel to Pep Guardiola’s side, bk8 malaysia even before kick-off, while Arsenal’s performance, especially in the second half, Arguably their worst performance of the season.

“[City’s victory] cannot justify what happened in the second half,” Arteta told reporters.

“The feeling at the moment is frustration. We gave up the game. We fought very hard to get this position, today is the key moment to keep hope and continue to dig the dream. But you can’t do it like we did in the second half.”

Arteta says he has “lots of things to think about” this summer as Arsenal look to thrive in the Premier League and Champions League next season.

But now he needs to get ready for next Saturday’s game at Nottingham Forest, when defeat will confirm City as champions. Even if Arsenal win, City will only need to win one of their remaining three league games.

“I hate the feeling of letting people down when they were really expecting something, asianbookie bk8 ” Arteta said. “This is my biggest regret today. We have to apologize for that.”

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