Jack87 news today – 1xbet Manchester United started the season with an unsettling loss against Brighton at the Old Trafford last Sunday. Seems like coach Ten Hag’s players are struggling to shake off the hangover from last season as the match finished 2-1 in favor of the opposing team.

Not only that the game ended bad for them, but it also started on the wrong side. A video has gone viral that shows Harry Maguire and the rest of his Red Devil teammates in the tunnel before kick-off. David de Gea can be seen on the footage pointing to the left, catching his captain’s attention in front of him. Maguire then steps across the other side and asks the skipper of Seagulls 1xbet home, Lewis Dunk to switch sides. And after the brief confusion before the opening day of the season, Maguire led his team out on the left before the two teams took their positions on the pitch.

The change to which side the players walk out is understood to be related to a switch made by the Dutch Manager.
The reason was posted in the Manchester United official website. β€œIn a new lay-out agreed with Erik, the home and away dugouts have been permanently switched so that the United manager, staff and substitutes will now be sat in the seats to the west of the half-way line – the dugout previously occupied by the away team,” 1xbet promotion

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