October 30, 2022 (Jack87 News) – In the 14th round of the Premier League, Liverpool suffered a defeat from Leeds United 2-1 in their own arena at Anfield Stadium BK8. They endured a 2-game losing streak in the league and their first home defeat this season. Liverpool continued their ninth position in the standings, with Leeds United jumping out of the relegation zone to 15th.

Liverpool are unbeaten in their last 12 meetings with Leeds United with 9 wins and 3 draws. Today, Liverpool made adjustments in order to return to the starting lineup of the league. Arnold and Robertson are on both sides, Gomez and Van Dijk are central defenders, Thiago replaces Henderson and starts with Fabinho and Elliott in midfield, and the strikers are still Salah, Firmino and Nu.

Only 37 seconds into the opening, Liverpool almost scored. Boda8 Alisson kicked the goal with a big foot, and the Leeds United defender headed back, but Meslier gave up the goal and the two made a mistake to leave an empty goal. In the 13th minute, Robertson made a cross from the left, Nunes slanted the top of the arc, and Firmino inserted a small-angle volley from the left side of the penalty area and was blocked by the defender of the visiting team. In the 14th minute, Salah knocked back from the bottom line on the right side. Arnold made a cross. The visiting defender made a clearance not far. Robertson from the left followed up and made another cross. The goal was Salah’s 122nd strike for Liverpool, surpassing Gerrard as the club’s second-leading scorer.

In the 21st minute, Leeds United quickly counterattacked, Christensen made a cross from the right, Harrison volleyed and hit the crossbar. In the 31st minute, Liverpool made a long pass from the backcourt, Nunes swung the header forward in the middle circle, and Salah moved forward, but the stop was slightly larger, and the single-handed ball was destroyed by the Leeds United defender. A minute later, Nunes received Arnold’s long pass from the backcourt, stopped the ball and brought it into the penalty area but was blocked by Meslier.

In the first half, the two teams were tied 1-1, so as they changed sides, neither team made any substitutions. In the 60th minute, Nunes took a long shot from outside of the penalty area and missed the left post. One minute later, Robertson’s small-angle volley from the left side of the penalty area was saved by Meslier. Then, in the 67th minute, Salah made a steal in the frontcourt and brought it to the top of the penalty area but the goal does not end successfully.

In the 89th minute, Bet99 Liverpool’s mad attack failed, and Leeds United counterattacked a fatal blow. Genotto made a cross from the left, Bamford stopped the ball to Somerville, and Somerville scored with a pair of three and a small angle, Leeds United 2-1. In the end, Liverpool lost 1-2 at home to Leeds United, a league losing streak, and their first home defeat of the season.

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