October 17, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Liverpool hosted the game against Manchester City at Anfield Stadium BK8. At the end of this game, Liverpool rose to eighth after winning while Manchester City suffered their first defeat of the season and continued to rank second with 4 points behind the leader Arsenal.

In this game, Liverpool followed the traditional 433 formation. Arnold, who has been in poor form recently, continued to sit on the bench. Manchester City’s former player Milner started as a guest right-back. Due to both Conat and Matip’s absence due to injuries, Joe Gomez, who played as a right-back in the Champions League, moved to the middle to partner with Van Dijk. Central defender, Robertson on the left starts. Midfielders Fabinho, Thiago and Elliott take the lead, striker Luis Dias is out due to injury, Firmino starts in the middle, Jota and Salah are on both sides, and Nunes is on the bench. Manchester City also played 433 Boda8. Between Akanji and Dias, Ake and Cancelo are on both sides, midfielders Rodri, Gundogan and De Bruyne are three, striker Haaland is in the middle, while Foden is on the side.

The first half started with aggressive attacks, having a lot of ball hugging courtesy of Alisson. He portrayed a good defender on this stage of the game where he protected the ball at all cost. This is evident causing a tie going through halftime with both team having 0-0 score.

Change sides in the second half. In the 50th minute, Salah directly threw off the opponent’s defender with speed and brought him into the Manchester City penalty area. In the 53rd minute, Harland shot directly in front of the goal and was blocked by Alisson. Foden volleyed from a small angle next to the left post to score. The refereeā€™s penalty was valid, but after a VAR review, it was determined that Haaland had fouled Fabinho before he attacked that made the goal invalid.

In the 76th minute of the game, Manchester City dropped a free kick into the penalty area and was confiscated by Alisson Bet99. Alisson quickly kicked the goal with big feet where Cancelo made a mistake in defending Salah and missed the ball. Salah turned and single-handedly took the ball into the penalty area to face Edson and scored which ended the suspense of the game. The game was over with 1-0 where Liverpool ended Manchester City’s winning streak.

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