Jack87 news today, asianbookie Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford,bk8 who was substituted in Saturday’s game, admitted after the game that he had been penalized for being late to a team meeting.

The in-form Rashford was abruptly substituted on Saturday, with manager Ten Hager revealing it was a disciplinary action but would not give details.

After the game, Rashford admitted that he overslept and was late for the team meeting,bk8 malaysia “This is the rule and mistakes will happen. I am disappointed that I did not start, but I understand this decision.”

Rashford came off the bench in the second half and scored the only goal of the game. Ten Hager praised Rashford for his good response, “He is smart, he is very active, and he scored goals. Everyone must abide by the rules. If you react like this, that is the correct answer.”

Talking about this game,asianbookie bk8 Ten Witches believes that Manchester United performed poorly in the first half. “I was very dissatisfied at half-time. I told the players that you can’t win the game like this, so everyone has to pay 10% more. Wolves didn’t create too many chances. We are different but sharper. .”

Manchester United

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