January 26, 2023 (Jack87 News) – Early morning today, the second semi-final of the English League Cup started on time. The semi-final of the League Cup was played in two rounds at home and away. In the first round, Nottingham Forest played at home against Manchester United.

BK8 Nottingham Forest has recently ushered in a strong rebound. When their ranking was at the bottom in October last year, the management announced the renewal of the contract with coach Cooper. Such courage also gave the team enough confidence. Today’s Nottingham Forest has rebounded to 12th in the standings. In the last 10 games in various competitions, Nottingham Forest has 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. After eliminating Tottenham, Blackburn and Wolves, Forest broke into the semi-finals of the League Cup Bet99.

Manchester United have encountered some twists and turns in the last two games. After conceding a goal in stoppage time in the league and being tied by Crystal Palace, they lost 2-3 to Arsenal in the away game, ending their 9-game winning streak in the competition. In the League Cup, Manchester United did not encounter too much resistance. They defeated Aston Villa, Burnley and Charlton one after another and advanced to the semi-finals.

The Manchester United team has reached 800 million euros, and Nottingham Forest has 300 million euros. In today’s game, it is worth noting that Ferguson was also present to watch the game.

The highlight of the game is during the 4th minute mark where Rashford took the ball from the backcourt, dribbled past the defender all the way to the penalty area, and the final shot was quite calm. Then, in the 22nd minute, Nottingham Forest made a quick counterattack and Suriqi scored from a small angle. After the goal, he and his teammates made Ronaldo’s iconic meditation celebration, but the goal was invalid because it was offside. In the end, Manchester United defeated Nottingham Forest 3-0 Boda8, took the lead in the two-round contest, and advanced to the final of the League Cup.

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