Jack87 news today, July 22, 2022 at 10:10am Malaysian time. Hot topic in the Premier League today is Haaland’s debut gift for Manchester City. Last weekend, he claimed the only goal of the night trashing Bayern Munich 1-0. Foreign media are optimistic about Manchester City winning the Champions League now that they have acquired a young and talented center on the field.bk8 asianbookie

Two days ago, in an interview with Haaland, he stated that he filled up the spot where Manchester City is lacking of. Now that he is with the team, he is optimistic of getting the most coveted title in the football world.

Watch: Haaland Broke Through the Gate of Bayern and Scored in His Debut for Manchester City

On that note, a total of 8 teams will become potential winners in the new season, namely Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Paris and AC Milan. These teams are all strong in their respective leagues.bk8 sports

Today, a big known German sports lottery company, ranked the odds of winning the Champions League for the above eight teams in the new season. Starting with the Premier League giants Manchester City, ranked first with an odds of 2.83, followed by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern. It is questionable, however, why the traditional strong team Paris Saint-Germain ranked at the bottom.

It is reasonable for the three teams of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern to enter the championship list. These three teams bought their prospective players in the transfer market. Barcelona who finally signed the Polish marksman Lewandowski, gave the team a huge boost on the field. Of course it is still a long way road for Barca but if they really want to win the Champions League, they have to make more efforts.
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Predictions can help guide the teams to improve the line-up and plays but harmony and luck can only be seen on the field and during the playtime.

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