November 13, 2022 (Jack87 News) – On November 21, the 2022 World Cup will officially start in Qatar BK8. In Group H of this World Cup, Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea will fight for two qualifying places. Among the four teams, Ghana has the lowest ranking in the world and is also the least favored team. However, this Ghana team has many players with English league experience, so it is too early for them to be underestimated.

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Ghana failed to participate in the last World Cup and they are now 61st in the FIFA ranking. Their head coach Otto Addo will get help from team captain Ayew who have 23 goals in total, second only to their top scorer in team history, Gian, who had 46 goals.

Boda8 Ghana and Uruguay are in a group. Although the two teams are not top-level teams, but due to the showdown in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup, the two teams can be said to be nemesis. Ghana lost their chance to become the first African team to advance to the semifinals after being defeated by Uruguay. Suarez’s handball foul “played” its due role. In this competition, the strength of the two teams is quite different, but in the face of the opportunity of revenge, Ghana will not let the opponent pass easily this time.

This World Cup, Ghana was assigned to Group H where their opponents will be Uruguay, South Korea and Portugal. Of the four teams, Ghana has the lowest world ranking at 61. Portugal is 8th, South Korea and Uruguay are 14th and 28th respectively. In the first game, Ghana will face the powerful Portugal on November 25. The second round against South Korea on the 28th of the same month is a must-win battle for Ghana, who is aiming to qualify. In the third round against Uruguay on December 2 Bet99, Ghana has to win with all their might to get a chance to advance with a high probability and to exact their most wanted revenge.

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