November 29, 2022 (Jack87 News) – The Group G of the 2022 Qatar World Cup kick of on November 28 in a battle between Cameroon and Serbia at the Janub Stadium BK8. In the first half of the game, Cameroon took the lead in scoring with a corner kick. After that, Pavlovic and Milinkovic of Serbia scored in stoppage time then Choupo-moting scored goals one after another, and the whole game ended with a tie of 3-3. After two rounds, the two teams had one loss and one draw with only 1 point.

Just 30 seconds after the game started, Mitrovic got injured and with a brief treatment re-entered the game. In the 28th minute, Cameroon took the lead in breaking the goal. A left corner kick was sent forward. Choupo-Moting failed to grab the point but interfered with the defender’s judgment. The central defender Castelloto, who was in ambush at the back point, pushed the empty goal unguarded. Cameroon 1-0 lead.

In the 45th minute, Serbia took a free kick in the frontcourt. Tadic hoisted the ball into the penalty area and assisted the forward central defender Pavlovic “turning back and looking at the moon” to shake his head and put the ball in. The score came to a 1-1 tie.

A couple of minutes later, Bet99 Serbia scored another goal. Anguisa dribbled the ball in front of the penalty area and was intercepted by Milinkovic. Zivkovic got the ball from the right and crossed in the middle. With a successful push from a close angle, Serbia overtook the lead again 2-1 right before the first half ended.

In the second half of the game, Serbia scored another in the 52nd minute. The midfielder Tadic completed a steal and handed it to Mitrovic. Afterwards, he played a dazzling cooperation in the penalty area and knocked down the defender with four consecutive passes, then Mitrovic pushed the ball into the empty goal, and Serbia led Cameroon 3-1.

In the 63rd minute, Cameroon counterattacked and started a smart play. Abu Bakar successfully countered offside and then buckled the defending central defender. Facing the attacking goalkeeper, he chose to shoot and scored. The assistant referee immediately signaled offside. After that, the referee consulted the video referee which determined that the goal was valid, and Cameroon pulled back to stop the bleeding to 2-3.

Another couple of minutes passed when Abubakar once again successfully entered the penalty area in an anti-offside, and then chose to cross the middle. Choupo-moting rushed to push and scored another one in this game. Cameroon scored within two minutes and even the score to 3-3 Boda8.

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