November 22, 2022 (Jack87 News) – BK8 The Group E battle between Japan and Costa Rica was held at the Leyan Khalifa International Stadium this morning. After 90 minutes of fierce fighting, Japan lost to Costa Rica 0-1 when Japan dominated most of the time.

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In this game, Japanese full-back Nagatomo Yuto led the starting lineup for the 140th time on behalf of the national team, Kamada Daichi was in the midfield, Ueda Keise was the single arrow, Fuyasu Kenhiro, Misaki Kaoru, Minano Takumi and Ito Junya wait for a group of stars to stand by again. For Costa Rica, goalkeeper Navas led the starting lineup for the 109th time, and Contreras partnered with Campbell to overwhelm the city.

Just like with Spain versus Germany Bet99, both teams started energetically but with the Japanese being slightly aggresive than the Costa Ricans. Each team attacks fiercely but both responded with accurate defense. At the end of the first half, Japan and Costa Rica maintained a score of 0-0.

As the second half started, Japan continue to fight aggressively, taking all the chances, making dangerous passes, crossing on every sides but were always blocked by the Costa Rica defenders. In the 81st minute mark, Costa Rica broke the deadlock, Tejeda volleyed the ball, and Fuller shot the far corner from the right before the penalty spot. Although Japanese goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda made a save and hit the ball, he failed to prevent the ball from flying into the net, that concluded the game 1-0 in favor of Costa Rica against Japan Boda8.

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