December 12, 2022 (Jack87 News) – On December 11, BK8 Portugal lost 0-1 to Morocco in the quarter-finals and missed the top four. After being out, Ronaldo posted his personal feelings on social media plus the summary of Portugal’s 2022 trip to the World Cup.

Ronaldo said: “Winning the World Cup for Portugal is the biggest dream of my career.”
“Fortunately, I have won many titles, but it has always been my biggest dream to put our country’s name on top of the world. I have always fought for this, for this dream, I will do my best!”

“I’ve played in five World Cups in a row for the past 16 years and scored goals in each of them Bet99. I’ve always played alongside great players and had the support of millions of Portuguese people. I’ve given my all. I did my best on the court, I never gave up on any fight, and I never gave up on that dream.”

“Unfortunately, just yesterday, the dream came to an end.”

“So much has been said, written and speculated that I do not deserve a more active response. But I just want everyone to know that my dedication to Portugal has never changed. I will always be a man who fights for everyone’s dreams and will never turn his back on my teammates and my country.”

“In the end, there’s not much to say. Thank you, Portugal. Thank you, Qatar Boda8. It’s always good to chase your dreams… Now, it’s time to switch identities and let everyone go their own way.”

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