October 21, 2022 (Jack87 News) – For the first time in 64 years, BK8 Wales will return to the biggest stage in the world of football. They qualify as one of the 32 teams competing in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Despite issues in the game and controversy surrounding the tournament, many fans are excited to witness the event.

Sharon Parker, from Merthyr Tydfil, is preparing to go to Qatar, a bit concerned how much it would cost her and her husband to support the team. She wtinessed Wales reached the semi-finals in 2016. “I’d probably say we have already spent ¬£13,000 for the two of us and we haven’t left the house yet,” she said. “So that includes match tickets, accommodation and flights but no evening meals or beers or drinks included.” She said they are likely to spend about ¬£15,000 in total. But inspite of her worries, not going wasn’t an option.

Another supporter from Llansilin, Powys is travelling with her friends. Boda8 Rhian Davies is a committed member of the Red Wall with some moral concerns. “The country’s attitude is to human rights, to gay people and to women is in the back of your mind. It does worry you in a moral sense,” she said. “But hopefully having the eyes of the world on Qatar will change and develop those things. “I’m very glad a man is coming as part of our group of friends, having spoken to people who have been out there it will make me feel safer.”

In line with the safety protocols, Qatar tourism websites suggests visitors to refrain from hugging one another in public places. Surely, we may never be certain about its consequences for football fans considering drinks will be available while watching every game. If their favorite team does well, it is just human nature to give a hug to your fellow, so it would be difficult to follow the restraint from public display of affection.

Since 2006, Kevin Davies, from Caerphilly, are already following Wales on every away trip, but this time decided not to go to Qatar on ethical grounds. “I’m not comfortable going because of the corruption and regime around it,” he said. “Money talked when Qatar won the bid, I’ll be watching the games but I’m not excited about it. “I almost want it to be a failure, but I don’t want the fans to be disappointed,” said Mr Davies, who said he was “really torn” about the tournament.

Football Supporters’ Association Cymru member Paul Corkrey was saddened by the fact that some fans could not afford or chose not to attend the World Cup Bet99. But to those who will be there, it can be a form of relaxation but must be clarified about some rules implemented in the country especially with regards to alcohol drinking. The legal drinking age in Qatar is 21 and alcohol is available only in specific licensed premises.

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