Jack87 news today,  Argentina’s victory over Mexico on Saturday relieved the asianbookie pressure of their World Cup opening defeat to Saudi Arabia and can now play Poland in their final group game with peace of mind, captain Lionel Messi said.

Argentina moved up to second in Group C, one point behind Poland, thanks to second-half goals from Messi and Enzo Fernandez, beating Mexico 2-0 at the Lussel Stadium.

“It’s a boda8 heavy burden on our shoulders,” Messi said. “We’re relieved that it’s back in our hands.”
Mexico’s high press dented Argentina’s attack in the first half before Messi’s fine 64th minute goal relieved the pressure on his side, asianbookie boda8 who would have been knocked out if they lost.

“I thought the first half was tough because of the situation and we needed to win,” Messi added. “We couldn’t find space. We didn’t move the ball from side to side.

“But in the second half we started doing what we represented. We started looking for space between the lines and then the boda8 indonesia goal changed the game.

“We need to win, but the game has to be played this way. We have to win to reassure everyone and to be able to approach the Polish game differently.”

Enormous pressure

Argentina boss Scaloni admitted his team was under enormous pressure before the game and the overwhelming feeling of winning was a relief.

“We should have more common sense. It’s just a football game,” he said. “It’s not good, it feels like you’re playing more than a football game. It’s not good.

“All of us feel relieved (but) we need to make some adjustments.

“We have to try to make the players feel like it’s a game of football, otherwise every time we need to play a game, or get to the knockout stage, go to a tournament or anything, Argentina always does.

“Certainly, to make people understand that win or lose, the sun will shine tomorrow. What matters is how you do things, and if you do them in the best possible way. That’s what we’ve been trying to do.”

Scaloni also called on his players to stay grounded after the victory and focus on the task ahead. Argentina can be guaranteed progress with Wednesday’s win over Poland.

“Maybe you think I’m crazy, but we can say yes, we want to enjoy. Of course they’re enjoying this moment in the dressing room. I’m enjoying this moment too.

“But that’s it. Tomorrow, we will prepare for the next game, just like we did when we won the Copa America last year.

“Happiness lasts only a few minutes. Whether we win or lose, we need to find this emotional balance. That’s what we need.”

“Poland is going to be a tough game. That’s the reality… I won’t say we’ll try, I’ll say we’ll win the game. That’s what we all want. If it wasn’t, indonesia boda8 we’d bring it like we did today. Our A game.”


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