December 15, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Early morning today, the second semi-final of the 2022 World Cup kicked off. The reigning champion France played against the African team Morocco. It only took five minutes before Theo Hernandez open the scoring for France BK8. In the second half of the game, Muani, who came off the bench, scored an empty goal. At the end of the game, France defeated Morocco 2-0 to advance in the final and compete with Argentina for the championship.

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Just a few minutes after the game started, Griezmann dribbled the ball into the right side of the penalty area and crossed to the middle. Mbappe turn and volley under the defense of many people who was blocking him, the ball then reached the small hole on the left side of the penalty area where Theo Hernandez followed up with a volley and the ball went into the net, 1-0, France opened the scoring of the night.

During the second half of the game where the two teams change sides, Bet99 Morocco tried pulling some strings to reverse the scoring but was unsuccessful. In the 80th minute mark, Mbappe took the ball on the left side of the penalty area. Many people defended and rushed left and right. After breaking through the defense line, Muani, who played for only 30 seconds coming off the bench, was on the right side of the small penalty area. He successfully hit the ball to the empty goal, 2-0! In the end, France beat Morocco 2-0 and entered the finals of two consecutive World Cups, where they will compete with Argentina for the championship.

After France defeated Morocco 2-0 Boda8, FIFA announced the MVP of the game, and Griezmann was elected the best player. In this game, the French attacker Griezmann performed very well on both ends of the offense and defense. He won 7 confrontations in this game, sent 4 key passes, and also sent 2 clearances and 2 defenses on the defensive end. The interception and 2 tackles can be described as a combination of offense and defense. In addition, France’s first goal in the lead originated from Griezmann’s breakthrough.

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