December 7, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Before the day ends yesterday, the intense match between BK8 Morocco and Spain took place. This is a great deal for both teams as they are battling for the 7th spot in the top 8 where Morocco outscored Spain in the penalty shootout. The face off ended with the score of 3-0 in favor of Morocco to advance in the quarterfinals.

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After 90 minutes of regular time, the two teams drew 0-0 and the game was dragged into overtime. In overtime, with both Spain and Morocco having equal chance to score. At the last moment, Bet99 Sarabia missed the lore, and the score remained at 0-0. The two sides entered a brutal penalty shootout. During the penalty shootout, Sarabia, who was substituted for a penalty kick in the final stage, missed the point, then Soler and Busquets’ penalties were saved by Morocco goalkeeper Bounu. With Morocco’s turn, Ashraf finally scored the winning penalty.

Upon watching the game, it can be concluded that this is a good match-up where both teams’ talents are equally impressive. No one wanted to give up until their last sweat ending with a draw until in the overtime. But then, the slight higher agility of Morocco players prevail in the end with them winning the ticket to the top 8. Quarterfinals is another story though, because they maybe facing a much powerful opponent, Boda8 Portugal.

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