November 10, 2022 (Jack87 News) – On November 21, the 2022 Qatar World Cup will officially kick off. BK8 Croatia, Morocco, Belgium and Canada belongs in Group F to compete for two qualifying places. In 2018, Croatia hailed as the World Cup runner-up historically. However, the current grid army is facing the problem of an aging lineup and many personnel changes.

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Croatia ranked 12 in the FIFA ranking where their last World Cup result as a runner-up serves as their best in team history. In this World Cup, the Croatian national team will be coached by Dalic and led by captain Modric with help from vice-captain Perisic. Their top scorer in team history is Davor Suk with 45 goals. Perisic, having 32 goals, served as the highest scorer among active players.

Croatia became independent from the former Yugoslavia in 1991 and became a member of FIFA in 1992 Boda8. In the past 30 years, Croatian football has left an indelible impression on the football world. Croatia participated in the World Cup for the first time in 1998. The team appeared in the World Cup finals in France, which created the history of the team.

In this World Cup, Croatia was placed in Group F, along with Morocco, Belgium and Canada. Judging from the world rankings, the Croatian team ranks 12th in the world. In addition to being inferior to Belgium, its strength is much higher than Morocco, which ranks 22nd, and Canada which ranks 41st. Combined with the recent performance of the Croatian team, if it is not too big ups and downs, it is relatively easy for them to break out of the group stage.

The opponent of the Croatian team in the first game on November 23 is the Morocco team. The opposing team in this game is not the strongest, but it is the most crucial game in the group stage schedule. If they can beat Morocco in this game, Croatia may directly qualify for the second game on the 28th of the same month against Canada if they win. In the last game on December 1 against Belgium, there will be almost no psychological burden; if they fail to beat Morocco Bet99, the situation for Croatia will become severe. In other words, if the Croatian team fails to win in the first two games of the group stage, they will have to fight against Belgium in the final round, which will be a lot of problem for the team.

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