November 11, 2022 (Jack87 News) – With the 2022 Qatar World Cup nearing its opening on November 21st, all qualified teams started their training. There were two big shots in Group G such as Brazil and Switzerland and two underdogs namely Serbia and Cameroon who will compete for two qualifying places. Judging from the overall strength of these teams, the biggest chance of the Cameroon team in this competition is to hope to get out of the group stage.

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The African Lions is 38th in the FIFA ranking BK8. Their head coach is Rigobert Song and their team captain is Abubakar, with Nkuru serving as vice captain. In their history, Eto’o made 56 goals, the top scorer of their team while Abubakar came next with 33 goals, the highest among their active players.

In 1970, the Cameroon team participated in the World Qualifiers for the first time, but were soon eliminated. Until the 1982 World Cup in Spain Boda8, the Cameroon team passed all the way in the world preliminaries and entered the finals for the first time in team history. It should be pointed out that the Cameroon team played very well in the first World Cup. They tied the third runner-up Poland team and the champion team Italy team in the group stage, and ranked third in the group with a tie in all 3 games.

In this World Cup, Cameroon was assigned to Group G, which also included Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia. In this group, the strongest team is undoubtedly Brazil, which ranks first in the FIFA rankings, Switzerland and Serbia are 16th and 25th in the FIFA rankings.

As the weakest team in this group on paper, the Cameroon team will play against Switzerland in the first group stage on November 24 Bet99. In this game, they will fight for points to have a chance to retain their hope of qualifying. The next opponent on the 28th of the same month would then be the weaker Serbian team, which is a must win for the Cameroon in order to qualify. In the final round on December 3, Cameroon will play against the star-studded Brazil.

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