November 12, 2022 (Jack87 News) – The 2022 Qatar World Cup will kick off on November 21st. Four teams in each group will compete for two qualifying places. Switzerland will try their luck against three nations namely Brazil, Serbia and Cameroon. As a frequent visitor to the top 16 of the World Cup BK8, the Swiss team is eager to make new breakthroughs in this tournament. They will be coached by Murat Yakin while Zaka will serve as the team captain and Shaqiri as vice captain.

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The Swiss team was one of the earliest national teams to participate in the World Cup. They missed the first Uruguay World Cup in 1930, but they participated in four World Cups in 1934, 1938, 1950 and 1954 in a row, and three of them advanced to the top 8. It is also worth mentioning that the 1954 World Cup was hosted by Switzerland.

So far, Boda8 Switzerland has participated in 12 of the 22 World Cups. Their participation in the World Cup is mainly concentrated in two time periods. The first time period is from 1934 to 1966. During the 7 World Cups, the Swiss team participated 6 times. This tournament will be their fifth consecutive World Cup trip; from 1970 to 2002, during the 9 tournaments, the Swiss team only participated in the 1994 World Cup. It can be seen that the current level of football should be one of the highest in the history of the Swiss team.

The Swiss team’s opponent in the first game on November 24 is Cameroon, the weakest team in their group. If they want to break out of the group stage, they must take all 3 points in this game. In the second game of the group stage, the Swiss team will face Brazil on the 29th of the same month. In the last World Cup group stage, the two sides drew 1-1 Bet99. Considering the strength gap between the two teams, the Swiss team is very likely to adopt a strategy of maintaining a tie, or lose in the star-studded team. The third game against Serbia on December 3 is very likely to be a decisive battle for the Swiss team. The outcome of this game will determine who can qualify among the two teams.

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