November 29, 2022 (Jack87 News) – In the early morning of November 28, the Group F of the 2022 Qatar World Cup continue the match-up with Croatia playing against Canada. After the game, the Croatian team defeated Canada 4-1 and won the first group stage of this World Cup BK8. At present, Croatia has risen to the top of the list with one win and one loss, but it has not yet secured a qualifying place. There will be a life-and-death battle against Belgium in the final round.

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Morocco Made Great Achievement by Beating Belgium 2-0

As the runner-up of the last World Cup, they did not play a strong team against Morocco in the first game due to the team’s aging and severe offensive weakness. The Canadian coach even shouted before the game that he would beat Croatia. The impact of Canada at the beginning of the game made it difficult for Croatia to dominate. Alfonso Davis scored in the opening 2 minutes. However, under the unfavorable situation, Bet99 Croatia ushered in an explosion.

There are two super teams in Group F namely Belgium and Croatia. One is the runner-up of the last World Cup, and the other is the top four of the last World Cup. The next game will be very important for Croatia. However, after the recently concluded game of Group F, the points situation changed dramatically. Belgium suffered an upset and lost 0-2 to Morocco. After Croatia defeated Canada, two 4-point teams and one 3-point goal appeared in this group.

In the final round, Croatia, Belgium and Morocco all have the possibility of qualifying. Among them, the situation of Croatia is the most favorable, because as long as they draw against Belgium in the final round, they will ensure a qualifying place. Canada’s result, because of the advantage of Croatia’s goal difference (+3)Boda8, it is difficult for Morocco (+2) to surpass Croatia if they lose. Morocco’s qualifying situation is also clear. In the final round, facing Canada, which has already been eliminated early, it only needs a draw to advance. The biggest variable is Belgium (-1) team. If they want to secure a qualifying spot, they must beat Croatia with all their strength. If they tie, they must hope that Morocco will lose to Canada by a big score.

The final round of Group F qualifying situation is as follows:

1. Given the situation of Croatia drawing against Belgium, if Morocco wins against Canada, Croatia and Morocco will qualify for the group; if Morocco loses to Canada, Morocco and Belgium will compete for small points.

2. On the scenario of Croatia beating Belgium then the game of Morocco vs. Canada, is a no-bearing because no matter what the result is, Croatia and Morocco will qualify from the group.

3. With the situation going against Croatia got beaten by Belgium, if Morocco wins against Canada, Morocco and Belgium will advance but if Morocco lost to Canada, Croatia and Morocco will compete for small points.

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