December 2, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Simultaneous games happened today in Group E of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar BK8. The progress of the game in this group can be described as ups and downs. The real-time rankings of the four teams have changed many times. Spain, which was ranked first before, also fell to the third place. Fortunately, the German team gave the Spanish team a big favor in the end. To be more concise, it gave Spain a better place in the knockout round.

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Japan Earned their Group’s Top Spot After Beating Spain 2-1

Before the start of the game, all four teams have equal possibilities of qualifying for the group stage. Among them, the Spanish team, which has accumulated enough goal difference, is in the best position. As long as Germany is unbeaten in this round, Spain has the hope of directly advancing even if it loses. Bet99 Spain’s loss is the last thing Germany wants to see under such a situation, even if Germany wins, it needs to tie Spain’s 8 goal difference to achieve promotion, otherwise it will be eliminated; but if both Spain and Germany loses, the two teams will both be out.

In addition, since the qualifying situation of Group F has been determined earlier, the faith of the Spanish team losing the top spot became a blessing in disguise. The top team in Group F is Morocco, the first match though in the group will be against Croatia, the second place in their bracket. Even if the first in Group E beat Croatia, they will have a high probability of meeting the favorite team Brazil in advance. Since Japan now owns the top spot, then they will surely need more strength and luck in the coming days.

After the back-to-back game, the Spanish team qualified to the next round courtesy of the German team’s last-minute thrilling efforts, and the second position in the group is a better solution for them. Judging from the progress of the game, if it weren’t for the German team’s “rescue”, it would even be difficult for the Spanish team to equalize the Japanese team in the later time. From the point of view of the fans, do you think that Spain played this game for “scheming” to the control points, or did they also try their best but their skills were not as good as the opponent, which led to such a result Boda8?

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