Jack87 News – Early morning of December 3 BK8, the 2022 Qatar World Cup elimination round has finally ended. At this point, the sixteen teams that will go through the knockout round will be revealed, as well as the sixteen eliminated teams who will bid farewell from the competition.

Group A – Netherlands, Senegal, Equador, Qatar

It is perceived by many that Group A of the 2022 Qatar World Cup is the underdogs among other groups. On that note, they have finished the elimination easily and silently. The host team, Qatar, is the first team to get eliminated from the whole competition and according to history, the fastest host team to say goodbye in all World Cups. Netherlands sailed smoothly with no loss and secured the top spot all the way. Senegal, on the other hand, defeated Ecuador 2-1, claimed the second place and qualify along with Netherlands.

Group B – England, USA, Iran, Wales

Group B is the easiest bracket to predict among other groups. It is a no surprise that England will emerge on top of the board after beating their groupmate Wales 3-0 on Tuesday. On Sunday, England will face Senegal on the top 16 round. On the other hand, their runner-up, USA, who edged out Iran with a 1-0 win will be facing the Netherlands in the opening day on Saturday.

Group C – Argentina, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Mexico

Despite getting upset by Saudi Arabia on their first game, Argentina still found the results they hope for after beating Mexico and Poland in their remaining battles. Bet99 Poland also progress by tailing behind Argentina to get the qualifying ticket to the next round. Saudi Arabia and Mexico, however, can try their luck next time as neither found the rhythm to continue to the contest.

Group D – France, Australia, Tunisia, Denmark

The World Cup defending champion France, stayed on top of the pile even after a shock upset against Tunisia in their last game, while the group runner-up, Australia’s second victory in Qatar propelled them into qualifying at Denmark’s expense.

Group E – Spain, Japan, Costa Rica, Germany

This group possess the most thrilling game of all qualifying matches in this World Cup. The four teams in this group’s last game, took place simultaneously with all countries having equal chances. Japan showed the world how much they’ve grown by defeating Spain, ranking first in the group, and instantly entering the top 16. Going through the game between Germany and Costa Rica with a lot of suspense. The Spanish team gave a sigh of relief after the Germans rescued them by beating the Costa Ricans.

Group F – Morocco, Croatia, Belgium, Canada

Group F ended with slight amazement after last year’s top 4 Belgium had been eliminated from the competition. With Canada leaving the competition in the early days, Morocco and Croatia claimed the first and second place respectively. In the round of 16, Morocco will face Spain while Japan will meet with Croatia.

Group G – Boda8 Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

The faith of the Brazilians had been concluded even before they start the game today. They already qualified from the group stage two days ago, so their loss against Cameroon does not change anything. Switzerland will pass through the next stage with them while Serbia and Cameroon will head home after being eliminated.

Group H – Portugal, South Korea, Uruguay, Ghana

After the back-to-back games today, Group H proclaimed the two teams who will advance to the next stage. Two kinds of tears can be seen in the field after both games. South Korean superstar Son Heung-min cried after winning against Portugal and qualified, while Suarez of Uruguay shed tears after winning against Ghana with only two points and directly been eliminated.

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