Jack87 news today, asianbookie Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker shoots in Game 2 of NBA Western Conference playoffs first round against Los Angeles Clippers

The Phoenix Suns beat the Los Angeles Clippers 123-109 in Game 2 of their NBA Western Conference first-round playoff series at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday to tie the series at 1-1.

Learning from the loss in Game 1, when their best scorer, Kevin Durant, took just 15 shots, the Suns increased his individual offense from the start on Tuesday. Durant made eight field goal attempts (FG) in the first quarter, but most of them came off the dribble. Most of the Clippers’ defenders are smaller than Durant, but they are quick enough to allow him to break through the three-point line and interrupt his rhythm.

As a result, Durant only took three shots in the first quarter and made three turnovers. Head coach Monty Williams quickly adjusted the offense of the Suns, allowing Durant to do more offense without the ball, and his efficiency was greatly improved. Over the next three quarters, Durant shot 7 of 11 from the field and scored 19 points, including 10 in the second quarter, which allowed his team to bounce back 35-30 to make up the second quarter. (29-24) by 5 points. the first season.malaysia bk8

Phoenix Suns’ Kevin Durant shoots during Game 2 of NBA Western Conference playoffs first round against Los Angeles Clippers

Still, Durant wasn’t the biggest contributor to the Suns’ game. Devin Booker consumed 14 of his 22 FG games, scored 38 points and 9 assists, making the most contribution to the team’s key victory at home. He missed just 18 points on eight shots in the third quarter, giving the Suns a 92-87 five-point lead after the quarter.

The Clippers continued to get solid offense from Kawhi Leonard, who finished with 31 points, eight rebounds and seven assists on 11-of-20 shooting. Russell Westbrook, who had 16 turnovers on 19 shots but made key defensive contributions in Game 1, bounced back significantly offensively, making eight FGs, including two 3-pointers Ball, scored 28 points. bk8

Unfortunately for the Clippers, the rest of the team hasn’t provided much decent help for Leonard and Westbrook. Terenceman was the only one of the remaining seven players in the team’s regular rotation to shoot better than 50 percent from the field, but he made just three of them. In the final quarter, Leonard was blocked outside the penalty area, and Westbrook could only steal two goals in the early stage of the offense. Most of the Suns’ defensive attention was on them.

Los Angeles Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard drives to the rim in Game 2 of the first round of the NBA Western Conference playoffs against the Phoenix Suns

Despite the loss, the Clippers made an encouraging change in the fourth quarter, though it didn’t last long. They fielded a very small lineup, with the 6-foot-1 Leonard being their biggest player. In theory, such a lineup can amplify Westbrook’s power and penetration, because the other four can open the space. Defensively, they have quick footwork transitions that aren’t necessarily reliable in regular time, but good enough as clutch time options..bk8 malaysia

Maybe the Clippers should consider giving this team more time. Head coach Tyronn Lue kept a full-size center (either Ivica Zubac or Mason Plumlee) on the floor for most of both games and had them run most defenses. Step back mid-round to protect the rim. That explains the incredible shooting from Durant, Booker, Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton on Tuesday.

Los Angeles Clippers’ Russell Westbrook drives to rim in Game 2 of NBA Western Conference

Leaving aside the highlights of Durant and Booker, Ayton scored 10 points with 4 mid-range jumpers in the second quarter; Paul made 4 of 5 shots between the three-point line and the paint area and scored 8 points in the fourth quarter. Most teams prefer to see opponents shoot jumpers in the mid-range, since that’s the area least conducive to efficiency. However, when you’re up against the Suns, who have four players who can shoot and kill, it’s probably riskier to drop the bigs than to bet on the smaller teams.bk8 asianbookie

The Suns don’t have an effective small lineup until Durant improves his defensive fit with his teammates, but they can still change up their defensive play with Ayton. With his size and speed, Ayton is able to follow most perimeter players, which means having him defend screens behind the free throw line could be a waste of his talent. Leonard hit five mid-range jumpers on Tuesday night, and if he can be like the sharks smell blood in the ocean, he can be more efficient in that area.


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