September 11, 2023 (Jack87 News) – Manila, Philippines became the setting of Germany’s historical victory after defeating Serbia in the finals. It is their fist ever final appearance in the recorded history of FIBA World Cup and ended triumphantly. Their core player, Dennis Schroeder boda8 th bonus, bagged the MVP award while his teammate Franz Wagner became the player of the game.

The match started aggressively as both sides engaged in a high-intensity confrontation from the whistle. The Serbian men’s basketball team even used full-court pressure to defend the German team. Though reaching the finals is new to the German team, it is worth mentioning that they very well deserved to be there. They can manage full-court press initiated by the opponent. Among them, Wagner’s ball-handling advancement also frequently penetrated Serbia’s defense. The close score reflected the equal strength of the two teams. The first quarter ended with Serbia on a slight advantage 26-23.

As the second phase opens, 1xbet malaysiathe Serbian men’s basketball team’s defensive pressure did not decrease at all, and even defended Germany’s core point guard Schroeder. But the German team still had a way to penetrate Serbia’s defense. Schroeder’s long shot and Wagner’s counterattack relieved the German team’s offensive pressure, and they tied with the Serbian men’s basketball team in the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, the high-pressure defensive strategy of the Serbian men’s basketball team began to collapse. Their physical consumption reduced the efficiency on the offensive end. At the same time, the German team was able to steadily pressure the Serbian men’s basketball team on both offense and defense. Bogdanovic also began to have rounds where he was reluctant to attack. At the end of the third quarter, boda8Serbia lost physical power, so the German team, took advantage of the situation and widened the point difference to double digits.

The German team, who had a 22-10 offensive climax in the third quarter, entered the final quarter with a huge advantage. In this stage, Serbia began to counterattack to narrow the point difference. Both teams managed to taunt each other and penetrated any bleeding. In the end, 1xbetSchroder’s layup at the critical moment mattered a lot for the German men’s basketball team to finally defeat the Serbian men’s basketball team 83-77 and won the championship.

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